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Over the last 30 years our law office has represented clients in over 120 bankruptcy appeals and in over 500 Adversary Proceedings. In more than half of our appeals we have obtained a stay pending appeal without the necessity of posting a bond. Adversary Proceedings and Bankruptcy Appeals often require immediate action (e.g. the time to file a notice of appeal is only 10 days). We accept referrals from other attorneys.

In addition we are available to assist attorneys in the following ways:

1. We can provide you with points and authorities or a complete pleading in response to any motion involving bankruptcy, and we can do this on very short notice if necessary. Provide us with the Court, the case name and number and summary of your ideas via e mail and voice mail message. We will look at the case on PACER and respond immediately.

2. We have a great deal of experience in dealing with problems in bankruptcy cases that are ending or have ended. These issues usually involve unscheduled property, unclaimed exemptions, changing exemptions and motions to strip or avoid a lien that have to be modified or corrected or which need to be filed at the end of the case or after the case is re-opened.

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